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Who Killed JFK?

In my blog post of yesterday, “Civil Rights and Peace: JFK’s Two Most Dangerous Speeches,” I pointed out that the U.S. national-security establishment — i.e., the Pentagon and the CIA — vehemently disagreed with President Kennedy’s policies regarding the Cold War, the Soviet Union, Cuba, and communism. For his part, Kennedy perceived his detractors to be nut balls. Of ...

Civil Rights and Peace: JFK’s Two Most Dangerous Speeches

On consecutive days in June 1963, John F. Kennedy delivered two of the most dangerous speeches ever delivered by a U.S. president. The first speech was delivered on June 10 at American University. It has become known as the “Peace Speech.” In that speech, the president called for a dramatic shift in the foreign policy of the United States. The ...

The Pentagon’s B-52 Message to North Koreans

In response to reports that North Korea had exploded a hydrogen bomb, the Pentagon recently flew a B-52 bomber over South Korea. Most Americans would think that that was just some innocuous show of force. In actuality, it was a highly provocative reminder that the Pentagon wanted to send the North Koreans of what the U.S. military had done ...

The State of the Union Speech Obama Should Have Given

My fellow Americans, the current state of the United States is a disaster. The federal government continues with its out-of-control spending binge, on both the welfare state and the warfare state. The federal government is going deeper and deeper into debt, much as Greece and Puerto Rico did before going broke. An ever-growing number of Americans have become hopelessly dependent on Social ...

The Drug War Has Destroyed Tourism to Mexico

There are lots of good reasons to oppose the drug war and to continue pressing for drug legalization. The drug war has caused a massive number of deaths, including tens of thousands of innocent people in Mexico. It has engendered robberies, thefts, muggings, and burglaries by addicts and drug users struggling to pay the exorbitant black-market prices resulting from ...

Cold War Fearmongering on Cuba and Korea

It is standard strategy in North Korea for officials to keep the citizenry constantly on edge about the possibility of a U.S. attack. The idea is that if people are kept afraid, they will inevitably rally to the government, ignore their desperate economic plight, and accept any loss of liberty necessary to keep them safe. To keep the citizenry afraid, ...
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