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The War State at 99 Cents

I often receive unsolicited books from authors. When I do, I quickly thumb through the table of contents and if it grabs my attention, I peruse the book. I can usually tell very quickly whether it is the type of book that I wish to read or that should be reviewed by The Future of Freedom Foundation. A little over ...

Gun Control, Death, and the Drug War

Twenty-five year old Terry Gillenwater will not be holding up any more pharmacies. That’s because he was shot dead while committing an armed robbery at the Good Family Pharmacy in Pinch, West Virginia. Gillenwater entered the pharmacy wearing a mask, pulled out a gun, and aimed it at the people behind the counter. What he didn’t know was one of ...

Conservative Blindness on Principle

One of the things that totally befuddle conservatives is the unwavering commitment to principles which characterizes libertarians. Conservatives just don’t get it. When it comes to the matter of principle, conservatives have one great big blind spot. Many years ago, when I discovered libertarianism, one of the first essays I read was entitled “Drowning in a Sea of Buts” by ...

Operation Iraqi “Freedom”

The most important thing about Operation Iraqi Freedom is how it demonstrates how U.S. national-security state officials view the concept of freedom. In their minds, the 11 years of brutal occupation on the part of the U.S. military brought freedom to the Iraqi people. In fact, that mindset also pervades many Americans in the private sector, including veterans, who ...

Is a War of Aggression a War Crime or Not?

Many people believe that during war American soldiers are required to obey any orders they are issued to them and that the citizenry should honor the troops for serving their country by loyally carrying out such orders. Actually, however, every soldier is taught that, as a matter of law, he must disobey orders that are unlawful. If he obeys such ...

Laura Dekker: Public School Failure or Free-Market Success Story?

One of the real downsides of living under a socialist system for a long period of time is that people lose their faith in freedom and free markets. One of the best examples of this phenomenon involves public schooling, the governmental program to which American children are required to submit when they reach six years of age. The common notion ...

The Inherent Defectiveness of Public Schooling

The Washington Post reported yesterday that an outgoing superintendent of public schools in Montgomery County, Maryland, Joshua P. Starr, is lamenting the short tenure of school superintendents. Starr took the job of school superintendent in 2011 and is now leaving because he failed to garner the support of the local school board. Starr stated, “I think the expectations for ...

On Naming Names in My Oliver Stone Article

An interesting discussion broke out yesterday on Facebook over my article “Conservative Hypocrisy on Oliver Stone.” One of the discussants asked why I hadn’t identified the people I was critiquing. Ordinarily, when dealing with conservatives, I have no reservations in identifying the people I am critiquing. For example, as the Guardian reported, the conservative Wall Street Journal published ...

Why Protect the Rich from Competition?

One of the things that drive statists batty is the fact that some people have more wealth than other people. They think that life’s just unfair in that sense. They feel that everyone should have the same amount of wealth. They let the sins of envy and covetousness get the best of them. And so the statists have the federal ...

Why Did Our Ancestors Approve the Constitution?

Suppose our American ancestors in 1787 had been told that the proposed Constitution, which they were being asked to approve, was going to bring into existence a federal government that would have the following powers: The power to tax people’s incomes in any amount government officials deemed appropriate. The power to regulate people’s economic activities. The power to incarcerate and fine people ...

ISIS Fears

ISIS madness is what I call it. ISIS has become the newest fear that has taken over the lives of the American people. People are convinced that ISIS proses a grave threat to “national security.” Unless it is stopped, the American people might have to start learning how to speak Arabic or terrorist. The phenomenon is really no different from ...
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