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Madison and Goering on ISIS

REMINDER: Our Upcoming One-Day Blockbuster Conference on October 18 at Columbia University in New York City. Don't be caught short. Sign up now because space is limited. Admission price: FREE. Let’s consider what James Madison and Herman Goering, two historical figures on opposite sides of the ideological scale, had to say about ISIS: Let’s start with Madison and break ...

Assassinating Castro

REMINDER: Our Upcoming One-Day Blockbuster Conference. Don't be caught short. Sign up now because space is limited. Admission price: FREE. In an era of endless state-sponsored assassinations on the part of the U.S. government, hardly anyone bothers to question or challenge the CIA’s repeated assassination attempts on Cuba’s former president, Fidel Castro. The assassination attempts have become part ...

Revisiting the Fable of the Hornets

REMINDER: Our Upcoming One-Day Blockbuster Conference. Don't be caught short. Sign up now because space is limited. Admission price: FREE. Two months after the 9/11 attacks — December 15, 2001 — I wrote an essay entitled “A Foreign-Policy Primer for Children: The Fable of the Hornets.” I would like to invite you, kind reader, to read or ...

Perpetual Anxiety Under Empire and Interventionism

REMINDER: Our Upcoming One-Day Blockbuster Conference. Don't be caught short. Sign up now because space is limited. Admission price: FREE. One of our statist readers (yes, we actually have statists reading our stuff) is so anxious and distraught that I think he is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. He is pacing the floors. He is writing ...

Compare North Korea’s Judicial System to Gitmo

REMINDER: Our Upcoming One-Day Blockbuster Conference. Sign up now because space is limited. Yesterday, the New York Times reported on three Americans who are being held by North Korea against their will and who want to return home. The North Korean authorities refuse to let them leave the country. While one of the men, Kenneth Bae, was ...

Political Corruption Is Inherent to the Welfare-Warfare State

The federal prosecution of former Virginia Governor Robert F. McDonnell helps us to understand the financial corruption that goes to the heart of America’s welfare-warfare state and the regulated economy. Federal prosecutors are alleging that McDonnell performed official favors for Jonnie R. Williams, Sr., in return for large campaign contributions that Williams gave to McDonnell. Pardon me for pointing out the ...

What James Foley’s Murder Says about the U.S.

Given that the Islamic State subjected American citizen James Foley to physical abuse, waterboarding, and extra-judicial execution, U.S. officials and American interventionists, including those in the mainstream media, are describing the Islamic State as savage and barbaric. But wait a minute! When the U.S. government was doing those same things, weren’t U.S. officials and American interventionists saying that such actions ...

Our Upcoming Conference

We just received a grant from one of our donors to host what just might prove to be the finest and most important conference in the 25-year history of The Future of Freedom Foundation. We are doing the conference in partnership with the Young Americans for Liberty, a nationally renowned group devoted to libertarianism. We have worked with YAL in ...

The Murder of James Foley

In response to the Islamic State's execution of American journalist James Foley, President Obama referred to Foley's killers as a “cancer.” That, of course, implies that anti-American terrorism is like a disease, one that strikes at nations willy nilly, without rhyme or reason. Obama’s cancer metaphor for ISIS brings to mind what President Bush said about al Qaeda after the ...

The Evil of U.S. Aggression against Iraq

What better confirmation of the manifest failure of the philosophy of foreign interventionism than the renewed U.S. bombing of Iraq? Just think: All those hundreds of thousands of dead, maimed, detained, and tortured Iraqis, along with those who lost their homes, businesses, and savings. They were all bombed and shot by U.S. troops for nothing. All those Iraqis suffered and ...

How to Provoke a Crisis

There is no one more capable at provoking a crisis than the U.S. national-security establishment. They are absolute experts at doing so. They have to be. Their survival and ever-increasing tax-funded bounty depends on it. Consider, for example, a recent altercation between a U.S. surveillance plane and a Chinese fighter jet near the coast of Japan. According to an article ...

Three Malignant Tumors on the Body Politic

As everyone knows, no matter how healthy a person might be, cancerous tumors, if permitted to remain in the body, will ultimately bring about the person’s demise. Depending on the size and aggressiveness of the cancer, the end might occur sooner or it might come later, but it will inevitably come. The same holds true for the body politic. Once ...
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