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Italy Rejects the Supremacy of the U.S. National-Security State

An appeals court in Italy has just sentenced two former Italian officials, Nicolo Pollari and Marco Mancini, to 10 years and 9 years in jail. Pollari served as head of Italian military intelligence and Mancini was head of counterintelligence. Their crime? They conspired with the CIA to kidnap a man named Osama Moustafa Hassan Nasr off the streets of ...

The National-Security State and the Dark Side

It seems to me that the most ardent proponents of such things as assassination, indefinite detention, torture, and assassination would concede that all these things reflect a dark side to which our nation has been led since 9/11. They would tell us, however, that such things are just necessary to protect our nation in the “war on terrorism” and ...

The Omnipotent Power to Assassinate Any of Us

Suppose an American citizen who is openly critical of governmental policy decides to take a trip overseas, say to Yemen. Suppose that President Obama orders the military and the CIA to assassinate him while he is traveling within Yemen. Suppose the order is carried out and that that American is, in fact, assassinated. Most Americans would consider such an assassination ...

Put the Postal Service Out Of Its Misery

In the latest episode in its periodic throes of pain and misery, the Postal Service has announced that it intends to cancel Saturday delivery of mail in order to save money. I’ve got a better idea: Get the government totally out of the business of delivering mail, by closing down the Postal Service and repealing the government’s legal monopoly ...

What Were the Standards for Executing Charles Horman?

While Americans are seeking to determine the standards, if any, for President Obama’s assassination of American citizens, would it be too much to ask about the standards that were applied in the U.S. national-security state’s execution of American citizen Charles Horman? After all, in principle is a state-sponsored extra-judicial execution any different from a state-sponsored assassination? Why shouldn’t Americans ...

Coming to a City Near You? Assassination and Sanction Blowback

The most persuasive argument against the U.S. government’s drone assassination program and its sanctions program on Iran is that they simply wrong in a moral sense. It’s morally wrong to murder people through assassination, and it’s wrong to inflict economic devastation on the citizenry of another country through sanctions. Another persuasive argument is that such programs are not authorized by ...

Facing the True Cause of Our Economic Problems

Last Sunday’s New York Times had a front-page story about how Americans of all ages have suffered from the difficult economic conditions. The article pointed out that young people are in debt, unemployed, and living with their parents. People in their 30s and 40s can’t afford to buy homes or have children. Retirees are earning virtually nothing on ...

Guilt, Not PTSD, Is What Afflicts Iraq War Veterans

Ex-military sniper Chris Kyle was killed last Saturday at the hands of another Iraq War veteran, Eddie Ray Routh. Routh is one of the many Iraq veterans suffering severe mental problems, and Kyle was helping him cope. Kyle figured a good way to help Routh with his struggles was to take him to a gun range. It turned out ...

One More Life Ruined by the Drug War

The drug war has just taken another victim. This time the feds have ruined the life of Marc Gerson, a star law student at Georgetown University, who, according to the Washington Post, “was Phi Beta Kappa at Georgetown, a top economics student and an award-winning debater.” Washington, D.C., federal judge Reggie B. Walton has just sentenced Gerson to ...

Ten Ways a Libertarian Society Would Be Different

How much would a libertarian society differ from the statist society in which we live? It would be radically different. Here are ten ways a libertarian society would be different: 1. No more welfare-state programs. A libertarian society would be one in which there is a total separation of charity and the state, similar to the separation of church and ...

Gun Control and State-Sponsored Rape

Who can ever forget the scene in Braveheart in which a husband is required, under force of arms, to surrender his new bride to the noble who has been given the legal right by the English king to rape the woman on her wedding night? Given that the husband was not permitted to own a sword, there was ...

Could a Military Coup Happen in the United States?

Uh, oh! The Egyptian people might well be learning a lesson about standing armies that America’s Founding Fathers tried to impart to the American people. Egypt’s standing army, which has long been built up and fortified by U.S. foreign aid, is sending a not-so-subtle message to Egyptians that if the civilian authorities are unable to bring the current crisis ...
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