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My Talk at UNC

On Thursday evening, I had the honor of addressing the Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) and the Students for Liberty (SDS) at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The two groups were working together to oppose the U.S. government’s assassination program as well as foreign interventionism and empire in general. During the day, the students promoted the event ...

Jonah Goldberg on Conservatives and Libertarians

In his current op-ed, “Fusion Power on the Right,” conservative Jonah Goldberg points to the increasing popularity of libertarianism, especially among young people. In a valiant attempt to embrace the trend, Goldberg argues that there really isn’t that much difference between libertarianism and conservatism. One has to wonder: what planet does Goldberg live on? Goldberg points to Frank Meyer’s attempt ...

A Fiscal Lesson in Cyprus for Americans

Once again, the European Union is teaching Americans what lies at the end of the road of out-of-control federal spending and debt. Cyprus is the latest country that has required a bailout. But this time, the authorities have crossed the Rubicon in how they have addressed the problem. The basic approach to overextended EU countries is to grant them immediate ...

Checkpoint Tyranny Along the Border

Fifteen years ago, I published an article entitled “Domestic Passports for Hispanic-Americans,” in which I described immigration checkpoint tyranny in America’s borderlands with Mexico. Americans who have never traveled to the border have no idea of the police state that the ICE and the DEA have established in the border regions. My hometown of Laredo, Texas, is situated right ...

Criminal Offenses vs. Acts of War

As I have been emphasizing ever since the 9/11 attacks, terrorism is a criminal offense, not an act of war. That’s precisely why the U.S. government secures criminal indictments issued by federal grand juries against people it accuses of having committed terrorist acts. The federal attorneys, the federal grand jurors, and the federal judge that receives the indictments all ...

Lecturing on Libertarianism to High School Students

Yesterday, I had a great time sharing ideas on liberty at a very impressive private school in Virginia Beach, Cape Henry Collegiate School. I started the day speaking to two combined classes consisting of about 20 seniors. Most of them already had a basic understanding of libertarianism. In fact, their teacher had just recently taken them to a forum ...

The Master Provocateurs

Americans from across the political spectrum are finally waking up with deep concern over the president's power to assassinate people, especially Americans. People are also increasingly concerned about out-of-control federal spending and debt. For the first time in recent memory, people didn't fall for the fear-mongering and extortion that federal officials use to diffuse opposition to more federal spending ...

Rand Paul’s Misplaced Celebration

With his 13-hour filibuster of President Obama’s nomination of John Brennan to be CIA director, U.S. Senator Rand Paul has drawn the nation’s attention to the issue of whether President Obama claims the authority to assassinate American citizens here at home, on American soil. The president, through Attorney General Eric Holder, initially stated that the president could use the military ...

Iraq Shows the Failure of Militarism and Socialism

With the 10-year anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq upon us, there are three things that I find particularly fascinating. First, the people who favored the invasion have different rationales for why they favored the invasion. Some of them say it’s because Saddam Hussein conspired with al-Qaeda to commit the 9/11 attacks. Others say it’s because there were terrorists ...

Hugo Chavez and American Conservatives and Liberals

I’m having a good time reading the reactions of American liberals and conservatives to the death of Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez. Their reactions to Chavez’s death provide a window into the statist mindset that has brought such serious maladies to the United States. Consider, for example, an op-ed entitled “In the End, an Awful Manager” by Rory Carroll, which ...
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