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Immigration Chaos

All my life I have watched immigration controllers go through their periodic paroxysms of anxiety over the latest immigration “crisis” and then fight over what reforms to adopt to address the crisis. Of course, no reform has ever worked to resolve the latest immigration crisis.  After reforms have been enacted, I have become accustomed to simply waiting for the ...

Blowback at Boston?

In my article last February entitled “Coming to a City Near You? Assassination and Sanction Blowback,” I wrote: But there is another point that Americans need to ponder. That point is that the U.S. government’s assassination program in Pakistan, Yemen, and elsewhere and its sanctions program against Iran might well lead to “blowback” in the form of ...

Freedom versus Mandatory Charity

Imagine if Congress enacted a law requiring everyone to attend church on Sunday. The idea would be that mandatory church attendance would be good for American society. With everyone being inculcated with moral and religious principles once a week, our society would be less drug-ridden, violent, and dysfunctional. The law would also be justified as being in everyone’s long-term ...

Korea Brings to Mind the Cuban Missile Crisis

The crisis over North Korea brings to mind a similar crisis with another communist country, Cuba, back in 1962. That was the Cuban Missile Crisis. U.S. officials have long maintained that Cuba and the Soviet Union were the ones responsible for bringing the Soviet Union and the United States to the brink of nuclear war. The U.S. government is portrayed ...

New FFF eBook: Separating School and State

A recent controversy broke out over a test administered in Texas public schools, one that has especially roiled conservative statists. The controversy revolved around a test question involving 9/11 that was based on a video shown to Texas public-school students. The test question asked why the United States might be a target for terrorism. The video suggested that the ...

Destroying the Switzerland of Central America

Leave it to the U.S. national-security state to destroy another country, this one being Costa Rica, known as the “Switzerland of Central America” and whose national slogan is “pura vida”—“pure life.” How is the U.S. government now destroying Costa Rica? No, not with bombs or missiles—at least not yet—but with its much-vaunted drug war, which the Pentagon and the CIA ...

Cold War Dinosaurs in Korea

Yesterday, the Boston Globe reported: “The US military said Monday it had signed an agreement 2 ½ years in the making to support South Korea in countering North Korean provocations…. By putting the allies’ combined commitment on paper, the agreement will help serve as a deterrent against North Korean provocations.” Well, isn’t that nice? Not even a consultation with Congress, ...

A Laughable Excuse for Invading Iraq

Among the most laughable excuses for invading Iraq was the one that said that the U.S. government invaded the country to help free the Iraqi people from Saddam Hussein’s tyranny. That was the big excuse that was trotted out after the WMD excuse proved to be unfounded. For one thing, there was never any concern for the well-being of the ...

The Living Economics Book Celebration

Last night The Future of Freedom Foundation hosted a really nice event to celebrate Pete Boettke’s newest book, Living Economics, published by the Independent Institute. The event was held at Founder’s Hall at George Mason University at its Arlington, Virginia, campus. Pete teaches economics at George Mason and is one of the most brilliant Austrian economists of our time. ...

LBJ and Media Complicity with Iraq

On the tenth anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, among the major issues being discussed is the unwavering support that the U.S. major media gave to the invasion. The major media not only placed unconditional trust in the Bush administration’s WMD pronouncements, they also even helped to hype the claims to the American people. Why? Given that it is the ...
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