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The NSA Scandal and Syrian Intervention

President Obama says that the reason he has finally decided to intervene in Syria by providing weaponry to Syrian rebels is because the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad has used chemical weapons in the conflict. Never mind that Obama has provided no evidence for his claim. Hey, if George W. Bush could get away with a bogus WMD claim ...

Don’t Forget Cuba’s Surveillance System

Several years ago I traveled to Cuba. As most everyone knows, it’s a federal crime to travel to Cuba and spend money there without the official permission of the U.S. government. The idea is that if you travel to Cuba and spend money there without the permission of the federal government, national security will be threatened. If, on the other ...

Why No Perjury Indictment for Clapper?

The feds indicted and prosecuted Martha Stewart for lying to federal investigators about a stock trade. They also indicted baseball star Roger Clemens for supposedly lying to Congress about drug abuse. So, the obvious question arises: Why no perjury indictment against Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper, Jr. Consider the following testimony that Clapper gave to Congress last March:

Who Were the Patriots and Traitors in Nazi Germany?

Ever since I was a kid, I have heard Americans ask, “How could the German people have allowed the Nazi regime to commit its evil acts?” Well, here’s the answer to that question: The German people had the same warped and distorted concept of patriotism that American statists have today. The overwhelming majority of German citizens believed that it was their ...

Why They Really Spy on the Citizenry

If you’re a good little citizen who doesn’t make waves and loyally supports whatever the federal government does, always deferring to its authority and trusting its officials, and if you maintain this mindset for the rest of your life, the probability is that you don’t have anything to worry about with respect to the government’s keeping records of your ...

The Role of Foreign Policy in Security-State Surveillance

In the national discussion over the national-security state’s massive surveillance scheme over the American people, it’s imperative that we keep in mind how the national-security state’s foreign policy of empire and interventionism play into how we have ended up with an Orwellian system of national surveillance at the hands of the federal government. How are statists justifying the NSA’s ...

Surveillance-State Communism

In the name of keeping us safe, it’s now indisputable that the U.S. national-security state has enveloped the American people in an extensive web of surveillance, one that characterizes communist regimes. It’s just the latest episode in the sordid, dark-side history of the national-security state apparatus that was grafted onto our constitutional order as part ...

Why Do Conservatives Favor Immigration Socialism?

Last month Heritage Foundation president Jim DeMint and Heritage scholar Robert Rector presented the Heritage Foundation’s solution to the latest immigration crisis. The premier conservative foundation in the country thinks the federal government should focus on bringing in immigrants who have high-school degrees because they’re more likely to bring more benefits and lower costs to American society. As columnist Dana ...

FFF’s Income-Tax Webinar

If you haven’t been participating in FFF’s new webinar series, you’re missing a valuable and enjoyable intellectual treat. The webinar is conducted by FFF vice president Sheldon Richman. The first webinar was on the economy and the second one was on Frederic Bastiat’s great book Economic Harmonies. The next webinar will be held on Wednesday, June 19, at ...

JFK and the Deferentials

Proponents of the government’s lone-nut assassination theory in the John Kennedy assassination oftentimes suggest that those who reject the official version of what happened have some sort of psychological need to place the assassination within the context of a conspiracy. Conspiracy theorists, they say, simply cannot accept the idea that a lone nut succeeded in killing a president of ...

Syria and the U.S. Are Partners in Crime

I know it’s considered heresy to criticize the U.S. government with respect to foreign affairs, but sometimes it’s just necessary to point out the disingenuousness and hypocrisy of the U.S. national-security state. There are lots of good examples that one can draw upon but since Syria is in the news, that’s a good one to focus on. Today, the official ...

An Example of Deference to Authority

In yesterday’s blog post, I pointed out that the real purpose of public (i.e., government) schooling is to produce good little citizens who defer to the authority of the federal government. Through 12 years of regimentation within an army-lite structure, the minds of people are gradually molded from childhood to trustingly defer to the judgment of federal officials, ...
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