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Why Do American Christians Support Coerced Charity?

For the life of me, I simply cannot understand why American Christians support the welfare state. Every single welfare-state program is based on forced or coerced charity. How can forced or coerced charity possibly be reconciled with God’s gift of free will to people? It can’t be. So then why do American Christians (or any Christians) support it? Surprisingly, even ...

A New President Won’t Change Anything

Many Americans have the quaint notion that a new president is going to convert American into a functional society. It’s not going to happen. Regardless of who is elected president, America will continue to be a drug-addled society and one afflicted by suicides, mass murders, and other dysfunctional behavior. That’s because of the type of government that Americans have lived ...

National Review Is Wrong About Trump

National Review, the conservative publication founded by William F. Buckley, Jr., at the height of the Cold War, has gone on the attack against Donald Trump. In a series of short articles collectively entitled “Conservatives Against Trump,” various writers weigh in against Trump, suggesting that he isn’t a true conservative. Balderdash! Trump is as genuine a conservative as every ...

How About Knife Control?

Last Sunday, 24-year-old Colin Kingston entered the apartment of his 21-year-old ex-girlfriend, Kelsey Annese, and 24-year-old Matt Hutchinson, with whom she was apparently sleeping. The killer was a distraught ex-boyfriend of the girl. After the double-murder, the killer committed suicide. The weapon that was used for the double-murder-suicide? A knife. So far, I have not come across any gun-control advocates calling ...
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