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Minimum-Wage Smartness in Switzerland

Two years ago, Swiss voters had a national referendum that would have set the nation’s minimum wage at $25 an hour, ten dollars more than what is being proposed in the United States. I’ll bet you’ll never guess how the referendum came out. It went down to defeat, big time. 76.3 percent of voters voted no to the referendum. Why ...

Hypocritical Attacks on Trump

The most interesting aspect of the widespread animus against GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump is that none of it is substantive. It’s all personal. It has nothing to do with Trump’s political or economic philosophy. That’s because Trump stands for the same philosophy and the same programs that his critics believe in. Consider, for example, this article in yesterday’s ...

The Evil of Sanctions

Last Friday the New York Times carried an article entitled “A Hole in North Korean Sanctions Big Enough for Coal, Oil and Used Pianos,” which pointed out that North Koreans are circumventing U.S. and UN sanctions through illegal trade with China. This is something that U.S. officials, as well as many in the mainstream press, have lamented and ...

Give Trump Some Credit

Whatever you might think about GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, he deserves some credit: At least he has raised questions about the U.S. foreign policy of perpetual war and foreign interventionism, which has thrown GOP conservatives, the neo-cons, and the Washington, D.C., establishment—including, no doubt, the CIA and the entire military-industrial complex -- into an absolute tizzy. After all, to ...

FFF’s Newest Ebook

The Future of Freedom Foundation has just launched its newest ebook, entitled The CIA, Terrorism, and the Cold War: The Evil of the National Security State. I am the author. The ebook can be purchased at Amazon. It’s price: 99 cents. I discovered libertarianism almost 40 years ago. I took to it like a duck to water. My early ...

Obama’s Embarrassing Embrace of Cuban Socialism

The U.S. news media were gleeful when President Obama maneuvered Cuban leader Raul Castro into responding to questions from the press during his recent trip to Cuba. The press hailed it as one of the positive things that can happen as a result of reestablishing normal relations between the two countries. The American media, however, wasn’t as enthusiastic over the ...
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