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JFK and the National Security State

An update on FFF’s JFK/national-security state books: 1. The Kennedy Autopsy by Jacob G. Hornberger. Launched on September 4, 2014, this ebook continues to be FFF’s all-time bestseller. Soon after its publication, soaring sales caused the book to be listed on Amazon’s list of top 100 bestselling ebooks in 20th-century U.S. history. Today — a year and a half after ...

The Federal Dole Threat Against North Carolina

Last week, U.S. officials issued an extraordinary threat against the state of North Carolina. The feds declared that if North Carolina officials refused to rescind their transgender bathroom law, the federal government would no longer send federal funds to North Carolina. The threat is one of the clearest manifestations of how the federal income tax and the welfare state ...

Is Donald Trump the New Economic Scapegoat?

A presidential candidate finally addressed the out-of-control federal spending and debt that has brought — and continues to bring — a mountain of debt to the federal government. That would be Donald Trump, who suggested that the solution to the mounting debt crisis is partial default. That is, paying owners of U.S. bonds less than the amount promised them ...

NATO Is Much Worse than a Cold War Artifact

Whatever else might be said about Donald Trump, the fact is that he has provided a valuable service in producing a national and international discussion of NATO, the old Cold War organization whose mission was to protect Western Europe from an attack from the Soviet Union, which had been America’s partner and ally during World War II. The obvious question ...

End Welfare for Colleges and Universities

Last week the New York Times carried an article detailing how small colleges across the country are experiencing severe financial crises. Some are actually struggling to survive. The number of high school graduates is decreasing, and families are questioning whether expensive private schools, which oftentimes leave students in debt, are worth it. Many families are considering state-supported public ...

Trump Voters Slap the Elites in the Face

The funniest part of the Donald Trump phenomenon has been the slap in the face that GOP voters have delivered to the Republican and Democratic establishments as well as to the experts, pundits, editorial boards, and commentators in the mainstream press. Practically every time these people have told voters all the reasons they should not vote for Trump, ever-increasing ...
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