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Abolish the Postal Service

Doug Bandow has a great article over at Forbes entitled “The Post Office Is Broke: It’s Time to End Washington’s Postal Monopoly.” Bandow’s article provides an excellent case as to why the Postal Service’s monopoly over the delivery of first-class mail should be repealed and, even better, why the government shouldn’t even be in the mail-delivery business at ...

The Never-Ending Drug War

The drug war is back in the news with two major events, one here in the United States and the other in Mexico. Both events point to the utter futility and destructiveness of this decades-long disaster. The New York Times reports that Attorney General Eric Holder will announce a new policy to relieve overcrowded prisons. Holder is instructing U.S. Attorneys ...

Secrecy versus a Free Society

A Texas company named Lavabit exemplifies everything that the national-security state has done to our nation. Lavabit is an Internet company that provides encrypted email service for its customers. It recently announced that it was voluntarily shutting down its business rather than capitulate to the demands of the NSA and its FISA Court to grant access to its customer’s ...

Mainstream Media Rule: Never Question the Warren Commission

Among the major unspoken tenets of mainstream journalism is: When it comes to the Kennedy assassination, never question or challenge the conclusions of the Warren Commission. Mainstream reporters and commentators learn early on that to violate this principal tenet is to place one’s career in the mainstream media in jeopardy. Thus, if a person wants to educate himself on the ...

Unilateral Free Trade vs. “Free-Trade Agreements”

Let’s all shed a tear for Michael Froman. He’s the new U.S. trade representative. He’s the person who is responsible for negotiating “free-trade agreements” with other countries. So, why should we feel sorry for Froman? According to the New York Times, the sequestration has caused his budget to shrink 7 percent, down to $47 million. That’s making it more ...

More Judicial Deference on National-Security State Murder

Continuing the long tradition of deference to the national-security state by the U.S. federal judiciary, a federal judge recently dismissed a lawsuit by the sons of a man named Frank Olson seeking damages for the CIA’s murder of their father. The excuses that the judge used to dismiss the case were the statute of limitations and a previous ...

Egypt and the Corruption of American Values

An article on U.S. foreign aid to Egypt by Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank goes a long way in showing how conservative and liberal statists continue to lead our nation down a road of corrupted morals and values. The article, entitled “Rand Paul Rebuked by Fellow Republicans on Foreign Aid,” mocks Paul for the overwhelming 83-13 defeat by ...

Truth as Treason

If I were to use the phrase “When Truth Was Treason,” you might think that I was referring to the cases of Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden. Your assumption, of course, would be entirely reasonable given that that’s what they did — they disclosed the truth about the U.S. national-security state’s lies, crimes, and secret surveillance schemes, for which ...

The Real Criminals Under Our National-Security State System

Let’s recap the situation regarding criminal conduct within the U.S. national-security state, just to see how the national-security state has succeeded in corrupting the morals and values of our nation. People Who Are Considered Heroes by the National-Security State 1. The officials who devised the scheme that plunged America into the illegal world of torture. 2. The officials who actually ...

Why Not Just Abolish the NSA?

Notice that all the public discussion about the NSA’s super-secret, massive surveillance scheme assumes that the NSA has become a permanent part of American life. The debate revolves around what restrictions, if any, should be placed on the NSA’s authority to spy on people. But the real question that Americans should be debating is: Why not simply abolish the NSA? The ...

The Feds versus the Fourth Amendment

The Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution reads as follows: The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the ...
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