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Killing Unnamed Children in Afghanistan

When I read this Washington Post article about the two-year-old child that U.S. forces just killed in Afghanistan, I wondered what the child’s name was. Nowhere was it to be found in the article. Maybe the Post hadn’t acquired the name. Or maybe it just doesn’t matter. It’s just one more death among the countless Afghan deaths at ...

No Radel Treatment for Poor Blacks and Hispanics

Trey Radel must be counting his lucky stars for being white, prominent, influential, and powerful. He’s a Republican congressman from Florida who recently pled guilty of buying cocaine from an undercover narc in D.C. and received an absolutely sweetheart deal from the judge at his sentencing hearing. The judge deferred a judgment of guilty and placed Radel on probation. ...

Face the Nation Ignores Truth about the JFK Assassination

For 50 years the mainstream media has scrupulously avoided confronting the ever-mounting evidence of conspiracy in the JFK assassination. A classic example of this phenomenon occurred last week on the CBS talk show Face the Nation, hosted by Bob Schieffer, who has been with CBS since 1969. Here’s what happened. Schieffer had three guests on his show to discuss the ...

Speaking the Unspeakable

On today, November, 22, 2013, the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, we are certain to hear the same old pabulum that we have heard for the past five decades: “We will just really never know what happened to President Kennedy on that fateful day.” What a crock. Oh sure, we might not ever know the names ...

Speaking with a Forked Tongue on the Cold War

In the 19th century, American Indians had an apropos term for U.S. officials: “speaking with a forked tongue.” The term can mean saying one thing and meaning another or also just being hypocritical. One could easily have applied the term to the New York Times yesterday. In its lead editorial, entitled “Vladimir Putin Clings to the Past,” the Times takes ...

More Evidence of Cover-Up in the JFK Assassination

On November 9, CanyonNews.com published a critically important and revealing article about the Kennedy assassination, an article that was brought to my attention by the JFK website, JFKfacts.org. The article involved an interview with Dr. Don Teal Curtis of Amarillo, who, as a first year resident at Parkland Hospital on November 22, 1963, was among the team of ...

Was Oswald a CIA Operative or Not?

In response to growing public demands, led by JFKfacts.org, that the CIA release its still-secret, 50-year-old JFK-related records to the American people, the CIA has now issued a statement on the controversy. Even more significant, the issue has now reached the White House. Citing McClatchy DC, JFKfacts.org reports: “‘I haven’t had a discussion with the president about Kennedy’s ...

Veterans Day and Foreign Interventionism

Commemorating Veterans Day, people honored Americans who have served in the U.S. military, especially those who have fought and died in America’s foreign wars. In doing so, however, it’s easy to forget the fact that what the soldiers fought for and died for in those foreign wars wasn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Consider World War I. American ...

Why Won’t the CIA Release Its Joannides Files?

At JFKfacts.org, which is the best website for keeping up with matters relating to the Kennedy assassination, the website’s editor, Jefferson Morley, who used to be a reporter for the Washington Post, had two related postings. One posting asked people to post requests at the National Archives’ blog site to release the 1,100 records that the CIA continues to ...

The Lawyer Protection Racket

Forty-one-year-old Stephen Glass wants to practice law but the California Bar Association won’t let him. In California, like every other state, people are prohibited from practicing law without official governmental permission, which is manifested through the issuance of a state license to practice law. What’s the California Bar Association’s beef with Glass? In the late 1990s, as a writer for the ...

The Cause of Our Violent and Drug-Ridden Society

We Americans live in a violent society, one in which there are lots of homicides, family abuse, mass murders of people, and other acts of violence. We also live in a drug-ridden society. The war on drugs has been an absolute failure when it comes to dissuading Americans from using drugs. The number of people taking illicit drugs has to ...
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