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Ukraine and the U.S. National Security State

At the end of the Cold War, the American people had a grand opportunity, one that entailed the dismantling of the national-security state apparatus that had been grafted onto our governmental system after the end of World War II. It would have made sense, given that the justification for making the national-security state apparatus a permanent feature of American ...

Private vs. Government Data Collection

When referring to the massive, super-secret NSA surveillance scheme over the American people (and the people of the world), commentators oftentimes conflate data collection by the government with data collection by private entities, especially those on the Internet. The notion is that it’s all sort of the same thing and that since people are willing to let Google, Yahoo, ...

Russia Reminds Us of Us

U.S. officials and the mainstream press are aflame with outrage and indignation over Russia’s invasion of Crimea. If only they would feel the same degree of outrage and indignation over what the U.S. national security state, which was grafted onto our governmental system without even the semblance of a constitutional amendment, has done to our American republic. Isn’t it fascinating ...

Is the Drug-War Worth This?

For the past several days, the mainstream media has been agog over the arrest of Mexican drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman Loera, much as they’ve gone agog over every other big drug bust for the past 50 years or so. The hoopla surrounding these much-ballyhooed drug busts is to ensure that the citizenry, who have become increasingly disenchanted ...

An Open Letter to African-Americans

Dear African-Americans, America is embroiled in a national debate over whether the minimum wage should be raised or not. I’m writing this letter to you to seek your support of the position we libertarians take, which advocates a total repeal of the minimum wage. Supporters of the minimum wage tell you that it has no harmful effects. Nonsense! Just ask the ...

The Fifth Amendment Lies in Crumbles

The Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution reads in part as follows: Nor shall any person … be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.” The term “due process of law” stretches all the way back to Magna Carta, the great charter extracted from King John in 1215 in which he was forced to acknowledge that his ...

Yawn. Another Big Drug Bust

U.S. officials and the mainstream press are going gaga over the latest drug kingpin to go down. This one’s name is Joaquin Guzman Loera, aka El Chapo, described by the New York Times in a front-page story today as “the world’s most wanted man – the chief executive of what experts describe as the world’s most sophisticated narcotics ...

On FFF’s Liberal Panel at the SFL Conference

Among the many articles generated by FFF’s panel at the Students for Liberty conference, which featured noted liberals (i.e., progressives) Oliver Stone, Peter Kuznick, and Jeremy Scahill, was one at Mediaite, which included the following: “ISFLC is an annual gathering of several thousand libertarian students from around the world. Scahill bemoaned how many of his liberal Twitter followers ...

Black Teenagers Should Call for Repealing the Minimum Wage

For the life of me, I simply cannot understand how intelligent people can still support something as nonsensical as a government-established minimum wage. I find this to be absolutely incredible. The very thought that people living in the 21st century can still support such inanity is surely a testament to the destructive power of America’s governmental schooling system. The latest ...

Heading into the Storm

The debt ceiling was recently raised again, this time without any fanfare among federal officials or their supporters in the mainstream press. The federal government had, once again, reached the maximum limit on the amount of debt it was permitted to incur. Raising the ceiling enables U.S. officials to continue incurring more debt, thereby adding to the enormous pile ...

Continuing the Drug War is Stupid

I find the mind of a statist to be absolutely fascinating. Consider, for example, an article by a man named Steve Booher, a columnist for the St. Joseph News-Press in St. Joseph, Missouri. The title of the article is “It’s Not Time to End War on Drugs.” Is that amazing or what? Booher actually wants the drug war to ...

Empire vs. Peace, Freedom, Morality, and Prosperity

The justification that U.S. officials use for their assassination of people overseas, including American citizens, is that the people they’re killing are bent on killing U.S. forces. Thus, the justification is sort of a modified self-defense concept—they’re trying to kill us and so we’re assassinating them before they have a chance to kill us. Most mainstream commentators have come to ...
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