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Nice Job, Conservatives!

When Barack Obama was elected president, the chickens came home to roost above the sordid nest that conservatives made for us after the 9/11 attacks. It was after those attacks that conservatives, quivering and quaking in their shoes over the thought that the terrorists were coming to get us, traded away the freedom of the American people to the ...

Welfare and the California Drought

The drought in California and Southwestern United States remind us of the two different economic systems in U.S. history, each of which involved fundamentally different roles for the U.S. government in the economic lives of the American people. California Governor Jerry Brown has reached out to the federal government for help with the drought. That shouldn’t surprise anyone. Such a ...

Military Socialism in Afghanistan

Nobel Laureate Milton Friedman once pointed out that with the possible exception of the war on drugs, the U.S. military is the biggest socialist enterprise in the United States. Therefore, it shouldn’t surprise us that when the military embarks on a rebuilding campaign for foreign countries it invades and destroys, among the first things it does is adopt socialist ...

Two Opposite Systems in U.S. History

There have been two opposite systems in American history. Here are the two systems: Program Social Security Medicare Medicaid Welfare Public Housing Farm Subsidies SBA Loans Education grants Economic Regulations Minimum Wage Laws Price Controls Licensure Laws Immigration Controls Public Schooling Gun Control Income Taxation Federal Reserve System Fiat Money Drug Laws War on Poverty Standing Army Military Industrial Complex CIA NSA Foreign Military Bases Foreign Policing Foreign Alliances Foreign Aid Foreign Wars Foreign Interventions Regime Change Operations Sanctions and Embargoes War on Terrorism Torture Indefinite Detention Denial of Due Process Denial of ...

Don’t Forget Financial Privacy

Amidst all the revelations about how the American people, many of whom are absolutely convinced they live in a free society, have their telephone calls, emails, website visits, and who knows what else under surveillance by their own government, let’s not forget the massive infringements on financial privacy that have gone on for decades. Consider, for example, that ridiculous $10,000 ...

Racket Protection in China and the U.S.

A Beijing court has just convicted two more activists of the crime of “gathering a crowd to disturb public order.” One of them, Yuan Dong, was sentenced to one and a half years in prison. The other Hou Xin was spared any incarceration. What did these two convicts do to merit their convictions? They displayed a banner in public calling ...

Who Are the Bad Guys in Egypt?

Echoing the official line of the U.S. government, the New York Times has referred to the “terrorist insurgency” that has developed in response to Egypt’s military regime. The Times was specifically referring to the shoot-down of an Egyptian military helicopter by militants. For the life of me, I don’t understand why people who resist tyranny are considered “terrorists.” ...

What’s Wrong with Income Inequality?

For the life of me, I just don’t understand why leftists are so concerned with income inequality. What’s wrong with some people having more income or wealth than other people? It seems to me that the obsessive concern about income inequality might have something to do with envy and covetousness, something that God says we shouldn’t be engaged in. The ...

The Rule of Law versus the NSA

In the wake of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s traffic scandal, in which Christie’s aides were punishing a New Jersey mayor for not loyally supporting Christie’s reelection bid, critics were suggesting how dangerous it would be to have Christie in charge of the NSA. Imagine what he could do, people suggested, with all that personal information with which he ...

Is Life So Dear?

There really isn’t anything shameful about being a serf. What is shameful is the willingness to accept one’s serfdom for the sake of being kept safe and secure. That’s the trade that unfortunately all too many Americans have made, with respect to both the warfare state and the welfare state. On the warfare state side of things, people are willing to ...

If We Had No Constitution and Bill of Rights

What would life be like without the Constitution and the Bill of Rights? For the answer, all we have to do is look at places where the federal government operates independently of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Consider Guantanamo Bay, for instance, a federal installation that the president and the Pentagon announced from the very beginning would be ...

Unlimited Government

One of the charades that all too many Americans, especially conservatives, continue to subscribe to is the notion that the federal government is a “limited government” — that is, one whose powers are limited in nature and scope. They like to say that this is what distinguishes the U.S. government from totalitarian regimes. Limited government was the original idea behind ...
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