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Loving America and Hating the Government

One of the silliest campaign attacks so far has come out of Bill Kristol, a neo-conservative who now has a regular column in the New York Times. Pulling out the old “patriotism” canard from his neo-con campaign playbook, Kristol takes Barack Obama to task for refusing to wear a flag lapel pin. Kristol suggests that ...

Feeding at the Federal Trough

For an excellent summary of what is wrong with America, both morally and politically, all you have to do is read an editorial in the February 22 issue of the Galveston County Daily News. The newspaper’s reasoning reflects the horrible damage that both the welfare state and warfare state have done to the American people. The purpose of the ...

Who Owns Your Income?

As economic conditions in America continue to degenerate, Americans would be wise to use this period of time to reflect on the role that the federal government plays in their economic affairs, especially in comparison to the radically different way that our American ancestors viewed the matter. President Bush and Congress have enacted an “economic-stimulus ...

Pakistan Demonstrates the Wisdom of America’s Founding Fathers

The situation in Pakistan provides another good reason why the American people should put a stop to the U.S. government’s meddling in the affairs of other countries. For years, U.S. officials have had a close, working partnership with Pakistan’s president Pervez Musharraf, which has included the delivery to him of millions of dollars in U.S. taxpayer ...

Lead Cuba to Freedom by Example

In the wake of Fidel Castro’s resignation as president of Cuba, President Bush is, not surprisingly, lecturing the Cuban people as to what they now need to do to achieve a free society. But Cubans — and, for that matter, the American people and the people of the world — would be better served if Bush were ...

Immigration Land Grab Along the Border

Last Saturday’s Washington Post had an interesting story about the federal government’s land grab along the Rio Grande to build its anti-immigrant Berlin Fence. Not surprisingly, Texas landowners, many of whom have owned their property for generations, are fighting this federal tyranny as hard as they can. Isn’t it interesting — and revealing — that conservatives ...

Socialism for Big Business

If you want a great insight into how the lobbying game works in Washington, D.C., take a look at a very insightful article entitled “Mickey Goes to Washington” by Jeffrey H. Birnbaum, which appeared in last Sunday’s Washington Post Magazine. The article focuses on the process by which Walt Disney Parks and Resort and other big-business ...

Economic Nonsense about Immigrants

I don’t know anything about Virginia Republican Delegate Jeffrey Frederick’s educational background but based on his understanding of economics, my hunch is that he is a product of public schools and state-supported universities, many of which, as a general rule, teach absolute nonsense in their economics classes. Exclaiming against illegal immigrants in Prince William County, Virginia, where government officials have ...

Torture and Kangaroo Justice Are Un-American

Justice Scalia’s remarks about torture reflect a fundamental problem with conservative judges. While oftentimes sound on economic liberty, they are absolutely atrocious with respect to civil liberties. Scalia’s approval of torture in certain circumstances ignores an important point that every first-year law student learns in his constitutional law course: that people are presumed innocent until ...

Attention, Neo-Con Automatons!

Fury has erupted in Britain over letting a 12-year-old Afghan boy attend school. The boy had trained as a suicide bomber in Afghanistan because after his father, who had a member of the Taliban, was shot and killed by British soldiers, an Afghan elder told the boy, “You must avenge his death by becoming a ...

Imperialism, Interventionism, and Isolationism

Conservatives and neo-conservatives sometimes claim that libertarians are “isolationists” because we oppose empire and interventionism. Their suggestion is that if the U.S. government did not have the unrestrained power to drop bombs on countries around the world, that would mean that America would be an “isolationist” country, sort of, I suppose, like Switzerland, whose ...

A Confluence of Cultures along the Border

For those of you looking for something patriotic to do to celebrate George Washington’s birthday, you might want to consider traveling down to my hometown of Laredo, Texas, on the weekend of February 22. Laredo, a city along the Texas-Mexican border has the biggest George Washington birthday celebration in the nation. What’s special about the celebration ...
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