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The Reason for America’s Economic Decline

The New York Times is reporting that “the American middle class, long the most affluent in the world, has lost that distinction…. After-tax middle-class incomes in Canada — substantially behind in 2000 — now appear to be higher than in the United States. The poor in much of Europe earn more than poor Americans.” Statists would argue that the ...

What about the U.S. Annexation of Mexico?

Railing against Russia’s annexation of Crimea and vowing that the United States would never recognize Russia’s “illegal occupation,” Vice President Biden angrily exclaimed yesterday that “no nation has the right to simply grab land from another.” Oh? What about the U.S. government’s annexation of the northern half of Mexico or, to be more precise, the land  grab that encompassed California, ...

Engendering Crises to Justify the National Security State

The latest issue of Time magazine, one of the very models of the mainstream press, says it all: “NATO’s Back in Business, Thanks to Russia’s Threat to Ukraine.” The basic theme of the article is that we should be thankful that NATO didn’t go out of business when the Cold War ended. Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, the article ...

Operation Parrot and the Crisis in Ukraine

One of the fascinating aspects of the crisis in Ukraine is the response of the mainstream media in both Russia and the United States. The response is precisely the same, with the press in each country offering unconditional support to the official line of its own government. The U.S. mainstream press pokes fun at the Russian mainstream press for ...

Income Tax Symposium at Ramapo College Today

I have the pleasure of participating in an income tax symposium today honoring the 1954 publication of a great, timeless book entitled The Income Tax Root of All Evil by Frank Chodorov. The event is being held at Ramapo College of New Jersey, 505 Ramapo Valley Road, Mahway, NJ 07430. It begins at 6:30 p.m. with refreshments and registration, with ...

Was the 19th Century a Golden Age of Liberty?

Whenever libertarians point out certain fundamental differences between 19th-century America and modern-day America, critics oftentimes reply, “The 19th century was not a golden age of liberty. There were many violations of libertarian principles during that time.” Such detractors, however, miss the point. Nobody is saying that the 19th century was a golden age of liberty. There was slavery, which obviously ...

Ukraine, Venezuela, and Chile

In 1970, Salvador Allende, a self-avowed socialist-communist, was elected president in a three-way race in Chile. His election caused U.S. President Richard Nixon and the entire U.S. national-security state to go ballistic. Based on Allende’s record, they knew that he would never play a submissive and compliant role within the U.S. Empire. Concluding that Allende was a threat to ...

Our Libertarian Angle College Tour

FFF vice president Sheldon Richman and I wrapped up our Libertarian Angle college tour last Friday at the University of Vermont in Burlington. It was a fascinating cap to a great week. While the audience discussion at the other four venues had revolved mostly around domestic issues, the event on Friday evening was entirely over foreign policy. The students ...

Don’t Reduce Income Taxes. Repeal Them

Next Tuesday, the infamous April 15, Americans will be rushing to the Post Office to send in their annual report of their income to the Internal Revenue Service. If they don’t, the IRS will come after them with liens, confiscations, seizures, and levies, without any judicial process. Even worse, the Justice Department will come after them with criminal prosecutions, ...

Jeb Bush Pokes an Immigration Hornet’s Nest

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush has the Republican establishment’s blood boiling, over comments about immigration. Bush pointed out that illegal immigrants come to the United States out of love for their families — that is, to get jobs from willing American employers with the aim of improving, perhaps even saving, their own lives and the lives of their families. Obviously, ...

The Solution to Big Money in Politics

Not surprisingly, the big subject of discussion among Republicans and Democrats, along with conservative and leftist commentators, is the Supreme Court’s recent ruling that lifted the ceiling on the amounts of money that people can donate to political campaigns. Democrats and leftists are upset, saying that now billionaires will control the political process. Republicans and conservatives are ecstatic for ...
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