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Will the CIA Kill or Oust Ecuador’s President?

Ecuador’s president Rafael Correa may not be long for this world, both in a political sense and in genuine life-or-death sense. He recently fired his defense minister, army chief of intelligence, and commanders of the army, air force, and joint chiefs. Why might those firings cost Correa his job or even his life? Because the reason he fired them was ...

The Monstrous Cancer of the Military-Industrial Complex

A front-page article in yesterday’s New York Times reminds us of the ominous 1961 warning of President Dwight Eisenhower, a warning that unfortunately the American people decided to ignore. Eisenhower wrote: “This conjunction of an immense military establishment and a large arms industry is new in the American experience. The total influence — economic, political, even ...

Apply the Free Market to Drugs and Immigration

While recently appearing as a guest on a radio talk show on the subject of immigration, a listener called to say, “We already have open borders in this country, as evidenced by the 13 million illegal aliens living here in the United States.” What he’s referring to, of course, is the black market, not legally functioning ...

Pope Benedict on Bush’s War on Iraq

Unfortunately, during his private meeting with President Bush yesterday, it doesn’t seem that Pope Benedict repeated the sentiments on the president’s war on Iraq that he expressed prior to the president’s invasion of Iraq five years ago. According to an article in the Houston Catholic Worker, prior to the invasion of Iraq in 2003, Benedict ...

Trying CIA Kidnappers and Torturers in Absentia

Twenty-six CIA agents are scheduled to go on trial today for kidnapping. Unfortunately, all of them will be tried in absentia because the Bush administration, which has long claimed to be against torture, refuses to send the accused kidnappers to Italy, where the prosecution is taking place. The Italian indictment alleges that in June 2005 the ...

The Wars on Drugs, Terrorism, and Immigrants

Ironically, the war on drugs has some interesting parallels with the war on terrorism and sometimes integrates with the war on immigrants. Recently, Norberto Ramirez, a 44-year-old Mexican father of five in the isolated village of Nocupetaro, Mexico, was kidnapped and brutally tortured by Mexican soldiers. The reason? Drug lords recently ambushed a Mexican army unit whose mission was to ...

Iran as the New Official Enemy in Iraq

Uh, oh! It seems as though U.S. official are preparing the mindsets of the American people to accept a new official enemy in Iraq — Iran. You’ll recall that when the U.S. government invaded Iraq five years ago, the official enemy was Saddam Hussein. U.S. officials did everything they could to mold the mindsets of the American ...

An Immigration Problem with Italian Food

Uh, oh! There is a big immigration problem occurring in Italy, specifically with Italian food being served in Italian restaurants. You see, it might not be Italian food after all. Why? Well, that’s where the immigration problem comes in. It seems that some of the best Italian restaurants in Italy are being run by — ...

The Federal Dole Brings Federal Control

American colleges and universities are discovering that there’s a price to be paid for going on the dole: federal control over their activities. According to an article in Army Times, the Defense Department is implementing a new “get-tough policy” with colleges and universities that refuse to give the Pentagon equal access to their student directories. ...

The Military’s Disintegrating Family Life

Last Sunday’s New York Times Sunday Styles section had an article entitled, “After War, Love Can Be a Battlefield” by Leslie Kaufman. The article was about the stresses and strains that the invasion and occupation of Iraq have placed on soldiers’ marriages. Major Levi Dunton told the Times that “he had trouble being involved with his family. ...

What Motivates the Terrorists?

Immediately after 9/11, U.S. officials, led by President Bush and Vice-President Cheney, announced that the attacks were motivated by hatred for America’s freedom and values. Not so, responded we libertarians. Instead, the anger and hatred that people have in the Middle East for the United States is rooted in U.S. foreign policy, specifically the bad things that the U.S. ...

Going After the Lawyers

In her Sunday column yesterday, St. Petersburg Times columnist Robyn Blumner tells an ominous story that describes the Bush administration’s attitude toward criminal-defense attorneys, an attitude that is remarkably similar to that held by Bush war-on-terrorism partner Pervez Musharraf, the brutal military dictator of Pakistan. Roy Black is one of the most prominent and successful criminal-defense ...
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