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Crony Socialism

You’ve got to hand it to Bush and Cheney. They are loyal to their friends. They commuted Scooter Libby’s prison sentence after a jury convicted him of perjury and obstruction of justice. They secured criminal immunity for federal agents who tortured or sexually abused people. They secured civil immunity for the telecoms who served as illegal snitches ...

The Statist Impulse to Avoid Responsibility

One of the characteristics of the modern-day welfare state is the refusal of statists to take responsibility for the damage and destruction their philosophy has wrought on the people of the world. Consider Iraq. How many of the statists take responsibility for the million or so people who are now dead and for the chaos ...

The Looming Threat of National Bankruptcy

During the recent crisis in Georgia, conservatives reveled in comparing Russia’s actions to those of the former Soviet Union. But did you notice that not once did they remind people of how Ronald Reagan supposedly brought down the Soviet Union? Reagan, they used to unceasingly remind us, caused the Soviet government to spend the ...

An Interventionist Crisis

It’s amusing to see liberals exclaiming against the bailout of the Wall Street big wigs. After decades of using government to take from the rich and middle class to give to the poor, did they honestly believe that politicians and bureaucrats would not use their welfare-state powers to take from the poor and middle ...

The Liberal and Conservative Box

Liberals who have operated under the quaint notion that the welfare state is only for the benefit of the poor, needy, and disadvantaged have had a rude awakening during the past week. With the bailouts of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, AIG, and undoubtedly more to come, liberals have learned that the welfare state exists ...

Just Blame the Crises on Freedom

The amusing part of the current financial crisis is how liberals are blaming it all on “the free market” or on “unfettered capitalism.” Not surprisingly, their solutions call for socialist and interventionist measures, in order to “save freedom and free enterprise.” The liberal attitude toward the financial crisis is really no different from the conservative attitude toward the terrorist crisis. ...

Praise the Price-Gouger

It must be hurricane season because we’re once again being subjecting to complaints about price-gouging. In the finest communist and socialist tradition, some Americans are turning in businesses to the state that significantly raise prices of essential items, such as gasoline, water, or ice, in the midst of a hurricane. As always, state officials ...

Freedom, Socialism, and the Truman Show

In my September 10, 2008, blog post, I explained that one of the great benefits of public (i.e., government) schooling and government-approved schooling is the political indoctrination to which most children in society are subjected. The indoctrination is so effective that it sometimes lasts throughout a person’s life. The indoctrination, however, is not ...

The Drug War’s Attack on Freedom

Mackenzie Phillips, daughter of the founder of the Mamas and Papas pop group and a former star in the television sitcom “One Day at a Time,” was arrested last week and charged with possession of narcotics. The arrest took place while Phillips was going through the security screening at Los Angeles International Airport. There are ...

Debating Lipstick and Pigs

While people in the McCain camp are on the attack over Obama’s comment about lipstick and pigs, some of the mainstream pundits are asking why so much time is being spent on what seems to be a rather silly issue. Why not spend time focusing on the important, burning issues of our time, they’re asking? The ...

A Better Way to Have Handled 9/11

Seven years after 9/11, shouldn’t Americans ask if there was a better way to respond to those attacks? After all, look at where we are today as a result of how President Bush chose to respond to 9/11: 1. A perpetual “war on terrorism” being waged by U.S. personnel all over the world. 2. A military invasion ...

Government Bailouts and Government Schooling

One of the great benefits of public schooling, from the standpoint of government officials, is the power to indoctrinate people with myths and false beliefs. Oftentimes, these myths and false realities retain control over a person’s mind all the way through adulthood. With the government’s bailout of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, we have ...
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