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Pre-Election Angst for the Serfs

It’s kinda fun watching Republicans and Democrats suffering so much angst over whether John McCain or Barack Obama will be elected president. Part of people’s anxiety, I suspect, is rooted in the realization that the candidate from the other party will have access to the trillions of dollars in tax loot to dispense to his ...

Hornberger’s Blog, November 2008

Wednesday, November 26, 2008 Guns and Ammo Deter Tyranny by Jacob G. Hornberger You may have noticed the many articles detailing the big run-up in the sale of guns and ammunition since the November elections. Apparently gun owners are concerned that President-elect Obama and the Democratic-controlled Congress will enact bans on semi-automatic weapons and ammo. Of course, that begs the question: ...

Drug-War Violence Is Spreading to Texas

According to the Associated Press, South Texans might soon be experiencing the same type of drug-war violence that people on the Mexican side of the border have been experiencing. As most everyone knows, the drug war has produced unbelievable violence in Mexico, especially along the border. Murder, kidnapping, beheading, and torture have become routine. ...

No Habeas Corpus in Iraq

The U.S. government’s incarceration of 17,000 Iraqis without charges confirms why the Framers included the guarantee of habeas corpus within the Constitution. While the Framers used the Constitution to call the federal government into existence, they recognized an important fact — that the greatest threat to the rights and freedoms of the American people was ...

The Market Redistributes Wealth

Given all the political talk about socialism and the redistribution of wealth, we would be remiss if we didn’t notice how effective the market process is in redistributing wealth. The rationale for the progressive income tax and the estate tax is that such taxes provide the federal government with the means to ...

What About Syria’s and Pakistan’s Sovereignty?

President Bush has been making a big hullabaloo over the fact that the Iraqi regime has not signed on to an agreement that would authorize U.S. forces to remain in Iraq after December 31. Bush says that if an agreement is not signed between him and the Iraqi government, he will cease military operations ...

Interventionism, Not Muslims, Is the Problem

One of the popular post-9/11 sentiments has been the one that holds that Muslims are bent on conquering the world. The notion is that Muslims hate Christianity and Western freedom and values and that such hatred is rooted in the Koran and stretches back centuries. Thus, the United States has been drawn, reluctantly, into ...

The Pentagon’s Bizarre “Judicial” System

The Pentagon’s legal response to Lt. Col. Darrel Vandeveld’s crisis of conscience shows, once again, what a farce the “judicial proceeding” is that it has established at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Vandeveld, a military prosecutor and a devout Catholic, came to the realization that he could no longer participate in the Pentagon’s system, partly because ...

Becoming Desperate in Iraq

It seems that President Bush’s wish to enter into an agreement with Iraqi officials to extend the U.S. occupation of Iraq is reaching a point of desperation. After all, for years Bush has steadfastly opposed a fixed timetable for Iraq. Yet, in his quest to achieve an occupation agreement with Iraq, guess what he has ...

What about the Sanctity of Mortgage Contracts?

Among the solutions for dealing with the mortgage crisis is a government-imposed moratorium on foreclosures. Lost in all the discussion is the principle of sanctity of contracts. When two sides voluntarily enter into a contract for a loan, then they should be expected to comply with its terms. That’s what a contract is all about. ...

Socialists and Fascists in America

Amidst all the gloom and doom of the financial crisis, the presidential race is providing a bit of hilarity. Conservatives John McCain and Sarah Palin are calling liberal Barack Obama a socialist because he believes in using the federal government to redistribute wealth. Obama’s reaction is just as funny — he’s shocked — yes, ...

American Dictatorship and Iraq

Thousands of Iraqis marched in Baghdad on Saturday to protest the draft agreement between President Bush and the Iraqi government that provides for the continued U.S. occupation of Iraq and the ultimate withdrawal of U.S. forces. The protestors were calling for the Iraqi parliament to reject the proposed agreement, arguing that U.S. forces should ...
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