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Pull Out the Impeachment Papers

Ever since Edward Snowden revealed the NSA’s secret massive surveillance scheme to the American people and the rest of the world, President Obama and NSA officials have steadfastly maintained that their surveillance scheme has been entirely legal and focused on finding “terrorists.” While millions of Americans have had information regarding their telephone calls secretly scooped up by the NSA, the ...

Thailand, Chile, and U.S. Support of Military Coups

Despite standard superficial expressions of indignation, U.S. officials are undoubtedly ecstatic over the military coup in Thailand. That’s because they believe that an essential step in the achievement of democracy is the smashing of democracy by a country’s military (that is, when the voters elect the wrong person), followed by a military dictatorship devoted to restoring democracy. Chile provides a ...

American Soldiers Did Not Die Defending Our Freedom

I was at the Washington Nationals baseball game yesterday. Whenever I attend a Nats game, there is an air of militarism surrounding the game, but attending on Memorial Day helps to remind us what a truly militarized society America has become. After all, what in the world does baseball, a quite peaceful and enjoyable pastime, have to do with America’s ...

Libertarian Patriotism vs. Statist Patriotism

Today, Memorial Day, we are exhorted to display our patriotism by supporting the troops. That’s the statist version of patriotism. It involves a deference to authority and a conformity of mindset that induces citizens to automatically support the troops regardless of what the troops are doing. The libertarian version of patriotism is completely different. It depends on an independent mindset, ...

A Military Coup in Thailand

In response to a military coup in Thailand this week, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry issued a statement saying: “There is no justification for this military coup. While we value our long friendship with the Thai people, this act will have negative implications for the U.S.-Thai relationship, especially for our relationship with the Thai military.” Who is Kerry kidding? ...

Kudos to President Correa

Good for Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa for kicking USAID out of his country. If only every nation in the world would do that. While part of USAID’s activities ostensibly relate to helping “the poor,” that’s just a cover to disguise the real mission of the agency: to act in tandem with the CIA to engage in political activity designed ...

A Rotten Criminal-Justice System

A good sign of a rotten criminal-justice system is the extent to which it is putting good, ordinary people into jail for inane criminal offenses while letting real criminals walk the streets free and carefree. Unfortunately, that is the type of system that now exists in the United States. Recently, a man named Michael Steinberg was sentenced to 42 months ...

A Glimmer of Light from Switzerland

Swiss citizens have provided a glimmer of light within the statist darkness into which the United States has plunged. In a national vote, they rejected a proposed national minimum wage of $25 an hour. Even better, they understood why the proposal was going to be destructive to working people, especially those at the bottom of the economic ladder. Notice something ...

Conservatives Are Doomed

If you attend any conservative conference, I will guarantee you that you will encounter the following mantra countless times: “free enterprise, private property, and limited government.” You will hear it in speeches, read it in brochures, hear it in casual conversations, and see it prominently displayed at exhibit booths. It is the guiding mantra of the conservative movement. There is ...

The Student-Loan Scam

The federal student loan program ranks among the biggest scams of the welfare-state way of life that modern-day Americans have embraced. An article in the Washington Post entitled “College Debt Is Still Keeping Grads from Buying Homes,” points out that “young people are still drowning in student loans, and that debt is holding them back from reaching grown-up financial ...

U.S. Intervention in Nigeria?

The kidnapping of 260 schoolgirls in Nigeria provides another example of why it is in the interests of the American people to dismantle their Cold War national-security state apparatus, including America’s overseas military empire, its gigantic standing army, and the CIA. As long as this apparatus remains in existence, U.S. officials are inevitably going to use it to embroil ...

Immigration Controls Bring Death and Misery

Twelve-year-old Noemi Alvarez Quillay is dead. She committed suicide. She was making her second attempt to journey from Ecuador to New York City to reunite with her parents, who had illegally come to the United States to better their lives when Noemi was a toddler. The New York Times writes: A bashful, studious girl, Noemi walked 10 minutes across ...
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