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Jaycee Lee Dugard and the Drug War

An interesting question arises in the case of Phillip Garrido, the man who allegedly kidnapped 11-year-old Jaycee Lee Dugard, raped her, and kept her captive for almost 20 years: Did the drug war play a role in this horrible event? Having previously been convicted of kidnapping and rape, Garrido had been released from a federal ...

Hornberger’s Blog, September 2009

Wednesday, September 30, 2009 Free Speech Loses Out in Kahre Case by Jacob G. Hornberger A federal judge has ruled against the ACLU’s motion to quash a subpoena that federal prosecutors had issued against the Las Vegas Review Journal in the Robert Kahre legal-tender/tax resistance case in Las Vegas. During the trial (see my commentaries on the Kahre case here , ...

Torture Works. Just Ask U.S. POWs from the Korean War

An August 29 Washington Post article entitled “How a Detainee Became an Asset” details how the CIA’s “harsh interrogation techniques” caused Khalid Sheik Mohammed to become a CIA “asset,” meaning that he sung like a canary, confessed his crimes, disclosed everything he knew, and cooperated with the CIA. Well, there you have it. ...

Prosecute the Torturers

It’s interesting to see conservatives calling for the U.S. Attorney General to ignore evidence that people have knowingly violated federal criminal laws against torture. Aren’t conservatives usually the law-and-order crowd in this country? The argument that conservatives are making for ignoring violations of federal criminal law seems to be that because the suspected criminals ...

Get Out of Afghanistan and Everywhere Else

If there was ever a classic example of a quagmire, it has got to be Afghanistan. Hey, they’re going on 8 or 9 years of killing the terrorists and just now getting a good start. What began out as a quest to kill or capture Osama bin Laden has morphed into long-term occupation of the ...

Free the Drug Users and Tax Resisters Too

If we’re going to let federal officials who have violated federal criminal statutes against torture off the hook, then why shouldn’t drug users and tax resisters be pardoned at the same time? After all, what the drug users and tax resisters have done pales in comparison to what the torturers have done. If the ...

Would Eric Holder Have Prosecuted the Nazis?

Let’s assume that a U.S. president authorizes the CIA to rape the family members of suspected terrorists as a way to get them to talk. He also authorizes his subordinates to place the suspected terrorists on a rack that stretches them apart until they confess and disclose all details of their suspected terrorism. Before he ...

Why Conservatives and Liberals Dislike Libertarians

The conservative masses are railing against the socialism coming out of the Obama administration, and rightfully so. Socialism has proven to be the bane of mankind. With its resurgence under the Obama administration, it continues to pose a giant threat to the economic freedom and well-being of the American people. What the conservative masses ...

The Liberal Fear of Guns

Liberal columnist David Sirota is scared, and he believes that the First Amendment is intended to eliminate his fear. In a column entitled “Freedom from Fear — and the Second Amendment,” Sirota argues that because some people get scared when they see guns and think that the gun owner is going to shoot ...

More Liberal Inanity on Guns

In separate op-eds, liberals Marie Cocco and E.J. Dionne are exclaiming against those people who have the audacity to exercise their right to keep and bear arms at political rallies. Cocco says that the “gun guys” were “displaying their perfectly state-permitted firearms.” State-permitted! How about that? The right to keep and bear ...

The Bogus Right to Health Care

Statists argue that people have a right to health care. They say the same thing about housing, education, clothing, food, and retirement pay. Maybe a car too. Well, if someone has a right to such things, then doesn’t that mean that someone else is required to provide them? Let’s say that I need a medical operation. ...

The Economic Ignorance of Liberals

In a recent article entitled Gunning for Health Care,” New York Times columnist Gail Collins made a catty remark about libertarians. Referring to William Kostric, the New Hampshire libertarian who was openly carrying a pistol during a protest, Collins wrote: “Beyond an air of mild surprise, he seemed like your average hard-core Ron ...
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