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Drug-War Assassinations

The U.S. government has now extended its assassination program to the drug war. According to the New York Times, the Pentagon now has an assassination list for suspected drug dealers in Afghanistan. No arrests. No hearings. No attorneys. No judges. No trials. Just kill them. Great! So now the occupation of Afghanistan has expanded not ...

Only One Genuine Way to Support the Troops

A few days ago, New York Times columnists Bob Herbert and David Brooks engaged in an online conversation in which they lamented that the American people are not doing enough to support the troops who are occupying Iraq and Afghanistan. They said that Americans just aren’t taking these “wars” seriously and should be ...

The Unreal World of Liberals

One of the fascinating things about liberals is how they create their own false realities and then simply ignore or block out of their minds facts that conflict with that reality. We have witnessed this phenomenon, big time, during the housing and banking crises. The crises were the fault of the free market, the liberals ...

The Nobel Audacity Prize Goes to Cheney

If there were a Nobel Audacity Prize, former Vice-President Dick Cheney would deserve to win it, hands-down. This guy is unbelievable. He’s taking President Obama to task for “dithering” by not immediately sending 40,000 more troops to Afghanistan. So, here’s a guy who, along with President Bush, had 7 years to straighten things out in ...

Drone Assassinations Are Only Making Things Worse

Jane Mayer, author of the great book The Dark Side: The Inside Story of How the War on Terror Turned Into a War on American Ideals, was interviewed yesterday on NPR on the CIA’s drone attacks in Pakistan. She discussed the morality and legality of those attacks as well as their ...

The Drug War Leads to Gun Control

A fundamental principle of interventionism holds that one government intervention inevitably leads to more interventions, in order to “fix” the problems of the previous interventions. At the end of this road lies omnipotent government and the loss of freedom. A good example of this phenomenon is being provided by a group called the Binational Task ...

Support the Troops by Legalizing Drugs

For decades libertarians have been arguing that the only way to put drug gangs out of business is by legalizing drugs. There is no way that drug gangs could compete against legitimate drug producers in a free market. Drug gangs thrive only in an environment of illegality, where such traits as murder, robbery, kidnapping, ...

Managing the Economy is Ridiculous

The race for governor here in Virginia is reaching new heights of boredom with a new battle between the candidates. This time the raging battle is over which candidate can better “manage the economy.” How ridiculous is that? Think about it: how in the world does a governor — or any other government official — “manage ...

Statism and the Drug War

Anthony Placido, head of intelligence for the DEA, wants the 35-year-old drug war to continue because drugs are “mind-altering substances that destroy human life and create violence.” Ponder carefully the first part of Placido’s statement — the part about drugs being bad for people. What he is saying is that as a government official, he ...

The Virginia Race for Governor Is Boring

People from around the country should be happy that they are being spared having to undergo the sheer boredom of Virginia’s race for governor. Wow, what a yawner. Oh, that’s not to say that Democrats and Republicans and the mainstream media agree with that assessment. In their minds, this is a terribly exciting race. After all, ...

Oswald, the CIA, and Kennedy

In my recent blog post on Lee Harvey Oswald and the CIA, I raised the possibility that Oswald was working deep undercover for the CIA when he defected to the Soviet Union and then returned to the United States as a communist sympathizer. There are a few other things about Oswald that have long mystified me. When Oswald was ...

Did The CIA Have More Motive than Oswald?

For the life of me, I still don’t understand what Lee Harvey Oswald’s motive was for killing President John F. Kennedy. The lone-assassin theorists say that he was a lonely and disgruntled communist sympathizer who sought glory and fame for killing someone as powerful as the president of the United States. But if that’s the case, ...
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